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A List of Self-Depreciating Quotes:

"Random Kanto: when all else fails, read it. But only then."

"Random Kanto: when it comes to Pokemon sprite comics, Random Kanto is... okay."

"Random Kanto: out of all the Pokemon comics on Smackjeeves, it's like, #40."

"It's a Pokemon comic - therefore, it will automatically have less fans than a Sonic comic."

"Random Kanto: all of these things to do on the Internet and you decide to read this crap?!"

"It's in the Top Ten Pokemon sprite comics! ... how the hell did that happen?

"Well, it's better than nothing... well, maybe not."

"Imagine a giant wheatfield in Kansas that never ends. That's pretty much Random Kanto."

"All the fun of books... so this comic must be pretty boring."

"Let's compare Random Kanto to orange with toothpaste. Like orange and toothpaste, Random Kanto combines two good things alone to make one terrible thing altogether - Pokemon and MS Paint."

"Well, at least it's done with Paint.NET now..."

"Random Kanto: if you have nothing better to do."


"Who's the idiot who wrote this stuff?"

"Why is this comic still going?"

"You're gonna want some Pepto Bismol after reading this."

"Let's petition that the author kill himself!"

"Still better than Hannah Montana. No, really, no joke."

"My IQ fell 5 points after I read it. And an extra 5 points every day."

"If you had to pick between reading it and being attacked by a pack of Poochyenas and Mightyenas, pick the attack."

"Random Kanto may induct vomiting."

"How bad is it? It's a sprite comic. So yeah."

"Random Kanto: it's stupid."

"Now availible in HDTV. It still looks terrible, though."

"Wouldn't you rather be doing something else?"

"I'd rather eat a Pokemon. Well, Grumpig may make good bacon..."

"I'd rather light myself on fire. With Houndooms."

"I'd rather live in Antarctica with Piplups. Without a coat."

"I'd rather... actually, I'd rather ANYTHING."

"It's like a really annoying pimple. It never goes away, no matter how much you want it to."

"It's like sticking your head in a giant pool of Slugma. Say goodbye to your eyebrows."

"The comic MUST be terrible if the author was inspired enough to write this entire list of self-depreciating quotes."