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These are my favorite comics. You can find more on my Smackjeeves profile.

Affiliates and Comics I'm Involved With:

Random Kanto Extras

Random Kanto's filler site. All the stuff that isn't the comic goes here. Currently in the process of moving all the fillers from here to there.

Random Kanto: Battle Frontier

Random Kanto's spinoff, following Brendan and May's new adventures in the Kanto Battle Frontier. On hiatus.


A Pokemon collaboration consisted of short Pokemon humour, which I am a part of. Some are done with sprites, some computer drawn, and some hand drawn, PG-13 content.

Simple Pixel

It's a sprite comic sort of following the plot of Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. Contains mature langauge and themes.

Other Comics That Aren't Affiliates:

Two Evil Scientists

A smashup of the worlds of Megaman and Sonic when Eggman and Wily join forces. PG content.

Just Gotta

The story of a girl from the real world finding herself in the world of Pokemon.

Pokemon Contest Challenge

May, a co-ordinator, travels with her two friends Taylor and Hayley in hopes of winning the Grand Festival.

Legacy of Blaze

Blaze the Cat returns to the world of Sonic after sealing herself in another dimension. However, things have changed since Blaze's adventure. PG content.

Rare Candy Treatment

Comics pointing out flaws in the Pokemon games.